Meconi’s Italian Subs


There is just something so al desko about Meconi’s. These are the type of sandwiches you grab in a hurry during lunch, only to race back to the office for a quick bite and a phone conference, while living the dream!

There’s nothing downright wrong about the sandwiches, but there’s not much right either. Your best bet here is to go the vegetarian route, as their use of meat is chintzy at best, and of grocery aisle quality. On the other side of the spectrum, you have the vegan option, which is just vegetables on bread. That’s it. I mean, come on, there are vegan condiments and toppings out there.

Illustrative image

The vegetarian sandwich is the way to go, then. While the meat is of questionable quality, the vegetables at least feel natural and are liberally used. With the addition of cheese and oil, the result is something fresh and not particularly exciting.

The bread gets a pass, too. It’s not too flavorful, but at least it’s fluffy.

Conversely, I’m not sure why they call these Italian subs. It’s no more or less Italian than any other sub spot I’ve been to, nor do I recall having seen anything resembling a sub in Italy, sans outside of a Subway.

It is what it is, Merconi’s, and that’s alright. People will probably not write flowery prose about the spot, but I suppose a limerick is not out of the question.